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Our Vision


VOYAGES SOUTH understands and appreciates that the traditional high school is not right for everyone. With this purpose in mind, we have created a small and safe transfer school to provide a learning environment where all students work towards continued success. We are committed to providing over-age, under-credited students the opportunity to re-engage in high school and earn a Regents Diploma. To facilitate graduation in a timely manner, we offer a rigorous, accelerated credit accumulation program that allows our most dedicated and hard working students the opportunity to earn up to 24 credits a year. At VOYAGES SOUTH, we build upon the unique talents and strengths of each of our students and provide every one the support needed to maximize their individual academic, emotional, and social potentials. Our partnerships with various community organizations help to ensure our students’ success by providing them with an individual counselor who assists them with academic support, employment, counseling, college exploration, career awareness, and internships. Our students leave us equipped with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to live as informed citizens in a multicultural, democratic society and to pursue a successful post-secondary education and/or career. In addition, VOYAGES SOUTH offers students opportunities to learn through a program of positive community service, reinforcing our core values, while providing the skills necessary for their development as citizens in the larger world.


We at VOYAGES South Preparatory High School are dedicated to providing a Viable Option for Young Adults to Grow, Excel, and Succeed. We are committed to creating and cultivating a cohesive community of learners that is small, supportive and standards based. Our fundamental goal is to engage and empower all of our students so that they develop the habits of the mind that will enable them to maximize their unique academic, social, and emotional potentials, becoming well-rounded citizens of our world. Our partnerships with various community based organizations and our sister school in Queens along with a rigorous, relevant, and responsive curriculum allow us to meet the developmental needs and interests of each and every one of our students. Our core values of Perseverance, Community, Acceptance, Responsibility and Education ground all that we do.



We value PERSEVERANCE. We are committed to face life’s obstacles with the persistence it takes to overcome them. We are committed to making hard decisions and never giving up, while refusing to fail through hard work.

We are a COMMUNITY. Our success is dependent on a shared belief in one’s role in their community. We believe that good citizenship is defined through caring for others. We realize that there is value in working well alongside people, and that one should respect and protect the physical environment of the community. We believe that learning is dependent on safety and protecting others.

We believe in ACCEPTANCE. We value the diversity and importance of opinions, backgrounds, and lifestyles that are reflective of our school, community and world. We acknowledge and accept all who enter our learning community as worthy of a new start despite past educational and life experiences. We reject discrimination and are always aware of the feelings and needs of others.

We take RESPONSIBILITY and a personal account of our own decisions and actions to ourself and others. We prove our responsibility by attending school, arriving on time, and in the professional manner by which we prepare for both education and life.

We value EDUCATION by taking a high interest in learning. We value the experience of discovery. We believe that curiosity in the world beyond our own individual community is important for growth. We believe that there is value in creativity. We stress the importance of a foundation of academic skills and the opportunity to be successful in life after high school.