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We are a K-12 school specializing in educating the whole student, focusing on the academic and life-skills necessary for success.

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Lunch Forms: Support School Funding

You do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete Family Income Inquiry Form, which helps schools receive money for their programs.
Regents Exams

January 2023 Regents Exams

January 2023 Regents exams begin on January 24. Please check in with your teachers and counselors to see your regents schedule.
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Welcome to Our New Website!

Thank you for visiting our new website! Please check back often as updates are made, and click on article headlines to view full stories where applicable.

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Our Vision

VOYAGES SOUTH understands and appreciates that the traditional high school is not right for everyone. With this purpose in mind, we have created a small and safe transfer school to provide a learning environment where all students work towards continued success. We are committed to providing over-age, under-credited students the opportunity to re-engage in high school and earn a Regents Diploma. To facilitate graduation in a timely manner, we offer a rigorous, accelerated credit accumulation program that allows our most dedicated and hard working students the opportunity to earn up to 24 credits a year.
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Why the Wolves

Wolves are symbolic of our school’s vision and students in the following ways: 
Wolves face the obstacles of a wilderness, being persistent in finding what they need to be successful. They make hard choices and refuse to fail or give up.
2. They believe in COMMUNITY.
Each wolf has a role in a pack, or group. They work together for success by helping and caring for each other. A wolf is loyal. They respect and protect their environment.
They realize that each action affects others in the group. They admit when they are wrong, and apologize to the rest when it is necessary. They are never late and always face the wilderness prepared.
4. They value EDUCATION.
They are naturally curious, teach each other and learn by doing and experiencing new things. They realize that creativity, knowledge and strategy help you become successful.