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Respect For All Week

posted Jan 27, 2014, 7:42 AM by Lisa Kistinger   [ updated Feb 14, 2014, 8:35 AM ]
Respect for All was launched by the NYC DOE citywide in 2007 to build the capacity of staff and students to actively promote a community of inclusion in each of our schools. 

Started as a response to combat harassment, discrimination and bullying as well as to promote respect and diversity within schools, the goal of this work is to ensure that every NYC school provides a learning environment where all children feel safe, valued and respected. 

VOYAGES South plans to engage students in activities and discussions regarding LGBTQ-focused issues, anti-bullying and oppression and privilege for Respect for All Week, which will take place from Monday, February 10th - Friday, February 14th. We also want our staff members at our school to be fully immersed and involved with this week-long initiative; every staff member will be involved in a highly-engaging workshop and discussion regarding gender identity, oppression and privilege as well. 

To supplement our activities and discussions that week, we will be bringing in spoken word artists and The Trevor Project, a non-profit focusing on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for youth identified as LGBTQ. 

It is our hope that the discussions this week will plant seeds in our student's and staff member's thinking and that we would be moving towards a more inclusive, socially responsible and socially conscious community. 

For more information regarding Respect for All Week, please contact Adela Effendy at or Melissa Feeley at