The Learning to Work Program (LTW) assists students in developing their future. Employers throughout the city partner with Queens Community House (QCH) and VOYAGES Preparatory High School-South Queens to help build our future workforce through this initiative. LTW is a unique opportunity that benefits businesses or organizations and contributes to the growth and stability of our city’s economy. This program places over 75 students in subsidized internships citywide. Internships are competitive, and resumes and interviews are required for placement.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a paid internship (minimum wage- $15.00/hour as of January 2019) that will provide them with skills and knowledge for their future. Our attempt is to place all students at an internship site that is relevant to their career interest. Internship sites benefit from having a motivated young person for up to fifteen hours a week at their site, providing valuable assistance to their organization, in an internship that will be supported and paid for by QCH.

  • To assist students in overcoming obstacles that impede their progress toward a high school diploma and developing a solid post-secondary educational and career plan.
  • To place students at internships where they can receive practical, “on the job” experience.
  • To provide students the opportunity to explore future career choices and gain knowledge on different industries.
  • To allow students to gain learning and supportive mentoring from employers.
  • To assist students in developing positive work habits and attitudes.
  • When possible/applicable, to place students in a position that may result in paid, full-time employment.
  • Resumes are required for placement.
  • Each student must go on a professional interview at the site of his/her choice. Business attire is necessary. Students should bring extra copies of their resumes to their interviews.
  • It is the student's responsibility to submit an accurate timesheet to LTW Internship Program staff on or before the due date in order to be paid. Staff members are available to assist students in this process.
  • Internships can be maintained as long as the student is an ACTIVE, ENROLLED STUDENT at VOYAGES South HS. Once a student graduates, he/she is no longer eligible for the LTW Internship Program.
  • Intern performance at the job placements will be evaluated by intern supervisors twice throughout the year.

“The LTW internship program is very mutually advantageous. The intern gets to see the ‘ins and outs’ of how a business functions in a very hands-on kind of way, while I get very good help for my business without the financial burden. It is a very good arrangement for all."

-Jerry Arty, UPS Store owner

February's Intern of the Month
Kenisha Clark: Kenisha is our first intern at Jamaica Hospital and has been working since November. Her supervisor states that she is extremely happy to have Kenisha as part of the team and states that Kenisha will be a model for any future interns. Her supervisor reports that Kenisha is reliable, professional, and "one in a million." The LTW team is extremely proud of you, Kenisha! Congratulations!

March's Intern of the Month
Ashley Bailey: Ashley has interned at PAL since December and has proven to be an asset to the program. Her supervisor states she is always ready and willing to take on any tasks assigned to her and that she is one of the most responsible workers. The staff at PAL are already requesting to keep her as an intern over the summer. Great job Ashley! Congratulations!

May's Intern of the Month
Kee HughesKee has worked at the UPS Store since December and his supervisor states he is a great intern and an excellent addition to the staff. Kee has, over time, proven himself to be very responsible and extremely deserving of this month's Intern of the Month award. His supervisor states he is by far the best intern he has ever had on staff. Congratulations Kee!!

For more information on our Learning to Work Internship Program please contact:

Carolyn LoPinto, LMSW
Internship Coordinator
Queens Community House 
@VOYAGES Preparatory High School- South Queens
156-10 Baisley Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Jamaica, NY 11434
Phone: (718) 276-1946 • Fax: (718) 276-2784
Work Cell: (718) 536-0685 •